Team Members

The Key to our Community Projects are the Team Members who are Volunteers  and are not employees of the company or official representatives.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Member for Imaxinar DM (IDM), please contact us with your thoughts and any questions.

 Team Member 101:

  • Are Volunteers for our Community of users
  • Willing to help with outreach on Social Media and/or local events
  • Actively Help others with any questions
  • Contribute suggestions and ideas for new products or improvements
  • Enjoy developing and sharing  their own projects that use our devices
  • When possible, have shipping priority for devices after a release
  • Can be considered as one of the Moderators for our community Forum
  • Can be considered for the Testing Team who:
    • Have access in advance to what is in development
    • Alpha and/or Beta test selected new devices or revisions

We are a skills based organization, so to be a volunteer Team Member you must:

  • Have skills which match our projects
  • Actively  participate and contribute Value to our Community on a steady basis

We reserve the right to remove from Team membership anyone for any reason, but especially those who:

  • Do not match the basic criteria above
  • Is deemed by management to not be suitable as was stated by the Team Member (qualifications or skills issue)
  • Is a detriment to the IDM community, our products or our values and goals.

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