Bringing the pieces together:

I m a g i n e   I t

D e s i g n   I t

L E A R N   H o w   T o   M a k e   I t

  Outside the Box Thinking, Inside the Budget Results

We specialize in “Outside the Box – Inside the Budget Results”  For ideas & designs and how to make things yourself.  Our focus is on developing new creative ideas for the DIY, Hobby, Crafting, Puppetry, Animatronics, Toy Robotics and Custom Electronics industries and then finding partners for the concepts. These range in a wide variety from simple "helper" circuit boards to fully integrated robotics & puppetry systems designs. We also design and use our own items for a wide variety of technology based Mixed Media Art.

Some current designs being developed:

  • An "UpCycle" of a common container found in Supermarkets to create a D.I.Y. battery Luminaire Art Piece
    - To encourage the re-use of a container instead of it being landfill
  • An Art Installation using Mixed Media depicting an Animatronic Woodland Faerie Glen & Brooke
  • A Show Piece to promote the "Fairhaven Steampunk Festival & The Fantastical Mr. Flip's Carnival of Wonders & Curiosities"

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